Ends on October 15, 2018

Pennsylvania English Call for Poetry Submissions

The deadline for receipt of submissions is October 15, 2018.

Submission guidelines:

* For all submissions, please include a brief bio for the contributors'  page. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number, email  address, institutional affiliation (if you have one), the title of your  poem(s), and any other relevant information. We will edit if necessary  for space.

* Because we rely on blind submission judging, do not include your name anywhere on the manuscript.

* There is a limit of five poems per submission.

* Do not send previously published work!

Contributors will be notified of acceptance status via email at the  completion of the reading period (at the beginning of October 2018).

Payment upon publication is two copies of Pennsylvania English.

Notice of Copyright:

By submitting your work, you agree that Pennsylvania English acquires  first serial rights to publish the piece both electronically and in  print. In addition, Pennsylvania English may reserve non-exclusive  publication rights to reprint a piece in a “best of” issue or anthology.

Contact Poetry Editor Tony Vallone with any questions: avallone@psu.edu